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Monday Motivation

I started EYO to inspire others to use exercise to overcome their traumas which as most of you know, is something I learnt the importance of first hand (founder story here).

Being a clothing designer, I naturally started with creating great fitting activewear and shared my story with the world, this was to show you, you are not alone, and that you have the strength and the right clothing, to keep going.

In a recent EYO survey, 95% of you said one of your main reasons for feeling unmotivated to workout was not having an accountability partner or friendship group to keep you inspired. So, we have decided to do more to bring this incredible community together, starting with the Monday Motivation Group - sign up below.


Monday Motivation Group:

- Weekly Monday Motivation email to start your week off right!

- Access to our EYO accountability WhatsApp group.

Join like minded women who are all here to help motivate, share tips and to inspire eachother to keep going, all in your pocket.

This is a private, safe group and with no spam and no information shared!

Join the community

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