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Our Why We Move campaign is a celebration of the stories, strength and perseverance behind why we are showing up to move.  

By championing these stories we hope to inspire and empower you on your journey.


This years WHY WE MOVE campaign is focused on embracing true self confidence.

Titled, Dance Like Everyone Is Watching, we embrace feeling proud  in our skin.

We celebrate our growth, achievements and sweat. We love who we are loudly. We dance not in fear that others will see.

We dance with an audience, for the mountains, for the ocean and for us.

Why We Move - Cindy’s story 


On June 22nd I got hit by a car while walking my dogs &  became paralyzed in my right arm from the shoulder to the tip of my fingers along w/ a brain injury. From the intense nerve pain that I was experiencing 24/7 I spiraled into a deep depression & for the first time contemplated suicide. I laid in bed for 3 months not moving & just in massive pain. My doctor instructed me to use the sit down bike at my gym everyday for 20 minutes. It was the only machine I could use that wouldn’t affect my arm. I remember every time I used the bike it helped me forget my pain and it made me feel better instantly. 


Slowly I did the bike 5 min more then 10 then 15 etc. As time went on I started to use weights and for the first time 10 months after my accident I ran and it was the most exhilarating feeling I ever had. I used to run 4 miles everyday before the accident but after my accident I would get winded after walking 3 blocks & I would have to sit down. The feeling of not being able to run again really upset me so I promised myself to work out everyday till I was able to run & I did it. It was a huge accomplishment for me. Running for me is a release of the pain I still and will for the rest of my life experience  24/7, the sadness I still feel once in a while & the stress of being disabled and trying to feel normal again. Running is such an outlet for me. I always feel amazing & confident after.    


I also used to love kickboxing. I was kickboxing/boxing for about 20 years. So I am trying to start again & also run another half marathon. Those are my goals and I know I will accomplish them because I can accomplish anything I put my mind to . Love yourself and love your body. You only have one body in this lifetime so take care of it. What my body has gone through and how it has healed blows my mind. It has taken care of me so I am making sure to take care of it. I plan to keep running and being active & while doing that I will be wearing EYO activewear because it makes me feel sexy, and it's the most comfortable activewear I ever put on my body.   

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