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Hey, I'm Lucie, founder and creative director at EYO.

Originally from South Wales, I moved to New York in my early twenties to begin my career as a fashion designer.


EYO was created to empower and inspire you to keep going on your journey but most importantly, to show you that you are not alone.


Here’s my story...

Two broken feet, every ligament torn, dislocated toes and a broken kneecap is how I found myself after falling backward down an unlit fire exit in NYC.  

Left unable to walk and living in a foreign country, I hit the lowest point of my life. After months of not being able to leave my apartment, I began the long task of rebuilding myself out of this trauma. 


Each step turned into two more and as the year went on, I went from bed-bound to a wheelchair, to a cane to finally walking (allbeit slowly) on my own. 


My recovery is still an ongoing journey. Daily exercise, yoga and meditation have become essential to my rehab and most importantly, my mental health.


EYO (eye-o) was born out of the necessity of activewear for rebuilding yourself.  

Every active woman has a story to tell. You, like me, have faced numerous obstacles to reach where you are. And I know it’s not easy. It requires an immense amount of strength and perseverance. That is the message I want EYO to pass on. A call to overcome whatever’s stopping you. A call to tell you that you are NOT ALONE, you have it in you to keep going, so let's go!


Sustainable activewear for Everything You Overcome.

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Sustainable Fabrics Made In Italy From Waste

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